Model: Chuck Ramsey

Studio portraits, 2005-2007

Chuck Ramsey is the first musician I regularly collaborated with as a photographer. We both worked for the same university department, ran with the same circles of people, drank at the same pubs, and for a while even lived in the same building! He moved to Philadelphia at some point, then NYC, and got married. Later on our paths would converge again when his wife Lesley and I also became good friends. They would always help me time and again when things got rough for a while by giving me a sofa to crash on and kind words of encouragement. Chuck is absolutely my brother and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together over the years! Now we live 20 minutes from each other in NYC. Crazy, huh?

Chuck has always been open to fun ideas for portraits and I’m grateful he gave me the opportunity to spread my wings early in my career.  We have had many adventures in our nearly twenty-year friendship.

These photos were taken when I worked for the photo department at PSU. We had an old school portrait light setup in the studio and I used it heavily. These were taken for Something New and Good Morning And Good Night, his first two albums.

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