Metal Maternity


Models: Lillian Lewis, Dave Wilkie, Keona Wilkie, Monte Wilkie (as foetus)

March 2015, State College PA

In March 2015, my friend Lillian and I were both experiencing massive shifts in both our lives. She was about to give birth to her third child, and was in the process of moving to Ohio to take a new job at a university. I was about to shed my old life entirely and move to New York City. Lillian and I spent a lot of our remaining time together disposing of what was holding us back and focusing on the future. She asked me to do a maternity shoot, “but not a lame one, a METAL one,” and this was the result of that venture. The photos of her growing family were all taken in her backyard in State College, PA. I am especially fond of the one with her daughter perched in the tree dressed in her crow costume from Halloween.

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