Model: Seth K.

Studio portraits, 2009

Seth and I had a brief but very tumultuous relationship about ten years ago. To this day I’m not able to explain our situation besides “karmic as hell.” Like so many artistic romances, it all ended in spectacular disaster, but our time together was rife with explosive creative energy. I still feel echoes of it sometimes. Sometimes I even miss some of it.

This series was shot in the PSU photo studio when I worked there. We made good use of that fog machine. We had just started dating at this point and were goofing around in the studio a lot. The energetic sparks were a lot of fun.

We ended up going on a lot of little adventures around the area, taking photos with antique cameras, and talking about art and life. He opened me up a lot; introduced me to music and films and random tidbits of philosophy.  I was a beaten-down, angry little bitch for a while, mired in a small town with a miserable circle of people. In his weird way, he illuminated just how awful I had become. Sometimes I hear his thundering voice echo, “Alice, you have to stop being so judgemental and closed-minded.” He was right. He was so right. He was in my life at the right time for the right reasons, although at the time, through all of the chaos of emotions I wasn’t prepared (or equipped) to sort out, I didn’t see it that way.

The shadow of this time, however, ended up defining what the light would eventually be.

Thank you for everything Seth, I am sorry it was such a rough time for us both at this point in our lives. I’m sorry for how I acted and how I reacted. We did create some great stuff together. I love you and wish you well in your life.

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