Riley Soloner


One of my fellow UCB alums contacted me one day asking if we could collaborate on some photos, he had some ideas. We knew each other from social media, but had never met in person before. He showed up and revealed that in his pocket was a small effigy of an animal and a crystal. I revealed that in my pocket was a small effigy of an animal and a crystal. We’ve been friends and occasional collaborators ever since!

These were shot around Astoria and Central Park.

Katie Hovencamp


In 2016 I did a performance art residency near Kingston, NY. A friend of mine from Penn State, Katie Hovencamp, was coincidentally in the area at another residency. So…happily, she came to visit! Katie is a crazy talented performance artist and sculptor (she’s wearing one of her creations in the castle photo, taken outside Arts Letters and Numbers. We did some crazy photos in the woods around Catskill and Hurley. The abandoned diner was a lucky find on the trip, so of course we explored it!

Blizzard Fun


In winter of 2015 I met up with two friends of mine in State College, Danielle and Laura, and we did a strange animal-goth themed shoot in the aftermath of a blizzard. It was bloody cold outside, but we had a blast climbing snow mountains on parking decks and watching the construction in town. Strange to see the landscape now, as I hear it’s completely different now and some of these views no longer exist.