Alice Teeple is a visual artist and writer living in New York City.

After receiving a BA from Penn State University in Integrative Arts, she studied comedy writing at Second City and improv performance at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Teeple’s conceptual work is influenced by nature, class structure, third eye visions, various cultures, and personal experience.  With a broad artistic range and highly adaptable eye, she enjoys popping in and out of different environments, including those dreamy realms usually thwarted by the alarm clock.

Teeple cites William Blake, David Bowie, Anton Corbijn, Frank Tovey, David Lynch and Sally Mann as major artistic influences. In all her work, emotion takes front seat to technique, which opens doors for experimentation. An enthusiastic proponent of meditation, Teeple encourages other artists to hop inside their minds occasionally “to see what’s there.”

She has documented several activist groups including Rise and Resist and Gays Against Guns. She has photographed and worked with many artists, performers and showcases, including CraicFest, Upright Citizens Brigade, People’s Improv Theatre, Sheree Rose, Howl! Happening, Robert Carrithers, David Johansen, At The Inkwell, Rosekill, Boring Gallery, Penn State University, Caleb Burhans, RocĂ­o Boliver, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Gallery Players Theatre, and Pennsylvania Special Olympics. She is frequently seen all over the city with her camera, snapping away dozens of indie music shows.

Select Shows include:

  • Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016  “The Hunter” (art director)
  • Now Is Real, Star House Gallery, Kingston NY, 2016
  • Performance (with Sheree Rose and Rocio Boliver), Art/Life Institute, Kingston NY, 2016
  • Society For Photographic Education Group Exhibit, Sunshine Art + Design, Lancaster PA 2014
  • Green Drake Gallery, Millheim, PA, 2014 and 2015
  • Full Disclosure, Edwin W. Zoller Gallery, Penn State University, 2015 (collaboration with Anna Margush)
  • Office Space, Pattee Library, Penn State University, 2013 (part of a Mellon Grant)

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