Lesley Barth


Model: Lesley Barth

Taken 2015, Rockaway Beach, Queens

Singer-songwriter Lesley Barth and I have had a long creative partnership since I moved to NYC in 2015. She has since become one of my best friends and I’ve directed two music videos for her, as well as designed/photographed several of her album covers. We talk a lot about the creative processes we go through and check in regularly on our progress. I’m very grateful for her presence in my life.

Our very first collaboration was this shoot at Rockaway Beach one hot summer day. I brought along a white dress from my roommate’s costume stash, and she brought along some strange props. I was highly inspired by Anton Corbijn’s photo of Michael Stipe in the ocean for this series.

As we were shooting, a banner plane flew overhead, so I incorporated it into the shot. Good deals that day!

We also encountered a couple of weirdos on the beach. One said very brazenly, “Me and my buddy have a bet going on that you’re either a band or an Etsy store, and there’s money riding on it. So which one is it?”

I ended up shooting for that guy’s band too. But that’s another story. The moral of this one is, always bring interesting props to the beach!



Model: Dayne Doyle, 2015

Central Park, Manhattan

After a chance meeting with Dayne at the now-closed VYNL restaurant in Midtown, it turned out he was in a theatre production with my out-of-town visitor. Dayne and I hit it off and I did a series of portraits of him as a modern-day Hamlet. THIS crown prince of darkness just moped around in a hoodie, though! We had a lot of fun walking around Central Park and thinking of spooky ideas.

Two Strangers


This series was one of my more spontaneous early shoots experimenting with iPhone. Abby and I worked together in a theatre group on campus and did set design together for a couple of shows. Laura just sort of appeared for this. I can’t remember how this shoot even came about, but we wandered around campus and took some photos in a weird little space in one of the science building courtyards. Laura and Abby didn’t even know each other, but they played off each other great and we had a blast. They’re interesting portraits; they started out sort of stiff and polite and by the end they were dancing together.