There had been buzz about a new Amazon complex and development around the Anable Basin, so my friend Daniella suggested we do a shoot around there. The idea of transformation – her own body, the surrounding area – was a fascinating concept to explore. I had discovered a junkyard closeby and thought it would be a fun place to take photos.

The day we shot these a random blizzard came through. Daniella is a performance artist and the weather didn’t faze her one bit. She bore it all. Absolutely one of my favourite portrait sessions. And the development was scrapped soon after.

Blizzard Fun


In winter of 2015 I met up with two friends of mine in State College, Danielle and Laura, and we did a strange animal-goth themed shoot in the aftermath of a blizzard. It was bloody cold outside, but we had a blast climbing snow mountains on parking decks and watching the construction in town. Strange to see the landscape now, as I hear it’s completely different now and some of these views no longer exist.