Wes, who I had met at some political rallies, wanted to do portraits in Green-Wood Cemetery. One pleasant November day we made the trip down on the R train. The weather was perfect and we had a great time exploring the place, talking about metaphysics and enjoying the day. A lot of changes have happened since we did this shoot – Wes is trans and had yet to go through the metamorphosis of physical changes. One of the nicest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph.

Flatbush Flatmates


During a very tumultuous time in my life I often crashed on the sofa of my old place in Flatbush. That summer was particularly brutal and we all went up on the roof in the early evening to do a photo shoot. It was…probably a very dangerous idea. A few months after this shoot the ceiling of one of the flatmates caved in during a thunderstorm. This place needed to be condemned. I don’t know who lives there anymore. But it’s fun to see these photos now that they seem forever ago.



Model: Monica DeTonnancourt, 2015

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

My friend Monica and I did this enigmatic series one bright spring day in Prospect Park. Monica’s bright energy clearly shines through the bizarre distortion of the lace and sheer material. We had a lot of fun doing this and laughed our asses off the whole time. I think this was the first formal shoot I did after coming to NYC. I did some adventures at Coney Island shortly after moving to the city, but this was definitely one of the first ones I organised.