Nate Smith


Nate is such a great, supportive friend. He’s someone I can always count on for a solid second creative opinion. Nate works as an actor and is a fellow alum of UCB. You may recognise him as one of the writers in the room on 30 Rock, but he’s done tons of other stuff and he’s great in all of it! I did some portraits of him when he visited NYC this spring. We wandered around Central Park for a bit and had some coffee, and then some man behind us had a whole flock of pigeons land near him, so we documented that. Good times!



Another group of fun images from my old Harlem apartment. The previous tenant left all her knickknacks when she passed away, and I used them extensively as props. She even had a collection of liquour that was pretty ancient. Heather, who is a comedian, came over with her amazing collection of darling 1950s dresses. The bizarre knickknacks accentuated her look perfectly!

Riley Soloner


One of my fellow UCB alums contacted me one day asking if we could collaborate on some photos, he had some ideas. We knew each other from social media, but had never met in person before. He showed up and revealed that in his pocket was a small effigy of an animal and a crystal. I revealed that in my pocket was a small effigy of an animal and a crystal. We’ve been friends and occasional collaborators ever since!

These were shot around Astoria and Central Park.