I’ve known and collaborated a lot with my friend Erica for almost a decade now, she was a student at PSU when I met her and she modelled for an abandoned book project. We reconnected when I moved to NYC and have gone on some wild adventures since. Once I had her dress up like a penguin and we walked around Midtown; she walked into Magnolia Bakery asking for brine shrimp. We’ve gone on excursions in the Bronx, Kingston, the Whitney, and the Bushwick open studios. One of my all time favourite people, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to have pudding at Rice to Riches with her sometime.



Model: Dayne Doyle, 2015

Central Park, Manhattan

After a chance meeting with Dayne at the now-closed VYNL restaurant in Midtown, it turned out he was in a theatre production with my out-of-town visitor. Dayne and I hit it off and I did a series of portraits of him as a modern-day Hamlet. THIS crown prince of darkness just moped around in a hoodie, though! We had a lot of fun walking around Central Park and thinking of spooky ideas.