Model: Vincent Fuentes

Taken in Coney Island, Manhattan and Roosevelt Island, 2015-2016

I randomly met Vinny one day when my friend Jess and I wandered into his former place of employment, a high-end perfumerie. We hit it off immediately and became fast friends. A photographer and a model! We all saw that coming.

His beauty is tangible as hell, yet ethereal somehow. He’s “a good old-fashioned American mutt,” as he once cheerfully put it,  but damn, his genes wield a potent mix in front of a camera lens. I’ve accompanied him to open calls and learnt early on fashion photography isn’t really my bag, but we’ve had a lot of fun doing shoots together. He taught me a lot about learning direction.

Vinny is also highly entertaining and his stories will leave you in tears from cry-laughing. Don’t be fooled by that serious Blue Steel, this guy is a goddamn riot with a heart of gold and will flash the Britney horns at the drop of a hat. Highly recommended model.

Blizzard Fun


In winter of 2015 I met up with two friends of mine in State College, Danielle and Laura, and we did a strange animal-goth themed shoot in the aftermath of a blizzard. It was bloody cold outside, but we had a blast climbing snow mountains on parking decks and watching the construction in town. Strange to see the landscape now, as I hear it’s completely different now and some of these views no longer exist.