Paddy Boom


I met Paddy Boom at an art gallery opening about the teenage years of Basquiat in one of my favourite meetings of all time. I had no idea who he was and was playing a guessing game of who was probably famous in the room, and he mischievously told me later he’d been the drummer for Scissor Sisters. I was mortified but he thought it was hilarious. He invited me to shoot his band Faith at their rehearsal studio a few weeks later and we ended up becoming friends. Paddy is a great guy, and a very enthusiastic and supportive person. I ended up photographing him and his various music outfits a lot since. I shot these photos on the roof of his apartment building in Chelsea to promote one of his shows.



In August 2017 I spent a pleasant afternoon in Turtle Bay with playwright Diana Middleton, who I met through another theatre friend. I’d shot one of her play rehearsals a few weeks before and we hit it off. She wanted to do some interesting portraits that showed her theatrical side, so we made use of her spectacular orange chair (that recently went back to Chair Valhalla) and the fun items in her home.



Model: Dayne Doyle, 2015

Central Park, Manhattan

After a chance meeting with Dayne at the now-closed VYNL restaurant in Midtown, it turned out he was in a theatre production with my out-of-town visitor. Dayne and I hit it off and I did a series of portraits of him as a modern-day Hamlet. THIS crown prince of darkness just moped around in a hoodie, though! We had a lot of fun walking around Central Park and thinking of spooky ideas.