As if all the other stuff wasn’t enough, I also write music and perform spoken word pieces, sometimes alone, sometimes as soundscapes to performance art. This is my 2019 album, Songs To Dispose Your Life To, which is mostly about shedding my former life and tearing off, fever dreams, frustrations, and other nonsense. I have no idea if I’ll ever write another album. Maybe!

I also have a project called The Harvard Sentences. I wrote and sang these songs using Harvard Sentences, a collection of phonetically balanced phrases using specific phonemes at the same frequency they appear in English. Similar to the radiophonic alphabet, scientists developed these phrases during and after WW2, after test subjects were subjected to frequency experiments to see what the human ear can withstand and comprehend. These bizarre phrases are still used today to test VOIP/cellular communication devices. You may be thrilled to know sound is still used to torture prisoners of war. Please don’t use my songs for that, though