“…This Teeple-directed video elevates that in the most mesmerizing fashion. It looks and reads as vintage and nostalgic in its French-American direction, but finds a home in heart. Heart, love, adoration, and soulfulness is resounding at all times and in every era. A stylishly black-and-white, dimly lit, empty Central Park located mini movie opens the flood gates of emotion that eighties-era, new wave-tinged love songs (and their MTV counterparts) once did. Impressive, harmonious, and resonating, “Down Below Or Up Above” is a whole package that sets a flowing stage for what’s to come with Violent Delights.” – Aquarian Weekly
Sporting eye makeup that seems to emphasize her inner turmoil, Teeple teeters between madness and frustration as she goes through various home testing and remedies. “I made everything more exaggerated. I wanted it to look like Louise Brooks or one of those old silent stars, and for it to feel overly theatrical. On the surface it would appear to be a very modern problem, but it’s really not. It’s cyclical. It could be post-pandemic 100 years ago or last week. It’s about karmic mistakes… here we go again, we’ve been through this before.”Music Crowns
Assistant Director and Director of Photography. (Doc Hammer, director)
Cinematography in West Village scenes.
Contritus. For Caleb Burhans/JACK Quartet. Cantaloupe Records, 2019
B-roll, stills
Wheels of Progress, 2015. Song by Alice Teeple/Some Guy and the Plural Nouns

Transmission, 2016
The Death Card, 2019
Swipe Left, 2016. Song by Alice Teeple/Some Guy and the Plural Nouns

Closer, Diamond Field & Rat Rios, 2017 (puppeteer)
Video made to Human League’s Empire State Human, 2002.
Not Amused, David Arn, 2017. Directed by William Murray. (Shot b-roll and stills)
Convalescence, 2016. Song by Alice Teeple/Some Guy and the Plural Nouns
Lesley Barth: Just Like Summer, 2016 Directed by Alice Teeple
Lesley Barth: Green Hearts, 2017 Directed by Alice Teeple
The Hell Yeah Babies: Dog of War, 2017 Directed by Alice Teeple
Lucky Witch & the Righteous Ghost, Dreams In The Witch House, 2020
Jay Ackley and Kid Hawk, Scared 2021